Team Dargle

Oxygen Thief Miss Tina Breeze GP 60 & LID Cheap Trick

The family that goes racing together, stays together! Never has a truer word been said.

Miss Tina Breeze GP 60 & LID
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Results for Team Dargle (patience whilst I tidy the results up & get them updated, thank you.)

Taree Easter 2009      Oxygen Thief               3rd     Commodores Cup

Bundy 2009                                                         1st -    6ltr Pointscore

                                                                              4th -    Trojan Cup

Yarrawonga 2009                                              1st -     Jack Kavanagh Memorial 6ltr Displacement

                                                                             2nd -     Les Spears Unlimited Displacement

                                                                             3rd -      Yarrawonga Gold Cup, Unlimited Open


Berri 2010                                                           1st -      Heat 4 Stannard Cup Australian Unlimited Open

                                                                             2nd -     Les Schrapel Memorial, Unlimited Unblown

                                                                             3rd -     6ltr Injected Pointscore, (2nd, 1st, DNF water pickup broke,                                                                                                  DNS MSD Box Died)

Dargle 2010                                                       1st -       Heat 1 Casenails

                                                                            3rd -       6ltr Injected Pointscore


Taree 2010                                                        1st -        Heat 2 Eastway Shield NSW Unlimited Open


Mildura 2010                                                      1st -        Unlimited Open, non championship heat.

                                                                             3rd -       Albert Corn 6ltr Australian Championship.

 August UHPBC Club Day                                  1st -         J2 Handicap Pointscore

 UHPBC Spectacular 2010                                1st -         Menace Cup

                                                                             1st -         6 Ltr Injected Heat

                                                                             3rd -         Commodores Cup


Gol Gol 2010            Cheap Trick                      1st -          Formula Future Pointscore  

                                  Oxygen Thief                   2nd -         Fastwater Cup


Bundy 2010           Cheap Trick                        1st -          Formula Future Pointscore -

                               Oxygen Thief                      3rd -          6 ltr Injected Pointscore

                                                                             4th -          Iron Nuts Shield

                                                                             4th -          King of the River

                                                                             5th -          Trojan Cup

UHPBC Club Nov Club Day      Cheap Trick                         3rd -      Formula Future J3 Pointscore

Yarrawonga 2010 -              Oxygen Thief                         1st -       Jack Kavanagh Memorial 6ltr Displacement

Australian Formula Future Championships 2011 -    Cheap Trick               6th  in J3

Melton 2011       Cheap Trick                      2nd -     Formula Future pointscore

        Oxygen Thief                    1st -       Heat 3, Melton Gold Cup

                                                                       2nd -      Melton Gold Cup final. Unlimited Displacement

                                                                       3rd -       Keith Harrison Invitational U/L Open

                                                                       3rd -       Seidler Homes Cup final. Unlimited Unblown.

                                                                       3rd -       Paul Reynolds Memorial final. 6ltr Injected.

Australian Titles Nagambie 2011     Oxygen Thief        3rd - Albert Corn 6ltr Australian Championship.

                                                                                             3rd - Errol Jay Australian Unlimited Displacement Championship

                                                                                             1st - Heat 3,  Riverside Unlimited Championship

                                                             Cheap Trick            3 wins and 3 thirds for Cheap Trick

Taree Easter Classic 2011              Oxygen Thief         2nd     Commodores Cup 6ltr Injected

                                                                                            2nd     Geoff Stevenson Memorial Unlimited Displacement

                                                                                            3rd      Eastway Shield NSW Unlimited Inboard Championship

                                                                                            3rd      Stuart Doyle NSW Unlimited  Displacement Championship

                                                                                            6ltr Injected races, 3 wins and 3 seconds

                                                    Loose in the Dark        2nd       Chappo Straight Course Classic

                                                                                           2nd       Eastway Shield NSW Unlimited Inboard Championship

                                                                                           2nd ?    King of the River

                                                                                           3rd        Liberty Cup

                                                                                           Hydroplane races, 3 wins and 2 seconds

                                                    Cheap Trick                 Demonstration only


UHPBC Spectacular 2011         Oxygen Thief              2nd       Miscreant Cup

                                                                                           3rd       Menace Cup

                                                                                           3rd       Trojan Cup


Bundy 2011                              Oxygen Thief                2nd       6 ltr Injected Pointscore

                                                                                           3rd       Brad Pratt Memorial Unlimited Displacement

                                                    Cheap Trick,                 Briney won 4 of her 5 races and won the pointscore

NSW J3 Formula Future Titles 2011        Cheap Trick     2nd         

Australian Titles - Melton 2012       Oxygen Thief           3rd     Albert Corn Australian 6ltr Displacement Championship

                                                                                               Fastest Qualifier for Australian 6ltr Carby Championship

                                                                                               4th    Melton Gold Cup    

                                                               Cheap Trick           Demonstration only but 2 x 2nds on short track

                                                                                               1st     on the long track.

Taree 2012             Oxygen Thief                      2 wins and a 2nd in 6ltr Injected

                                                                               2nd Eastway Shield, NSW Unlimited Inboard Championship

                                                                               3rd Stuart Doyle Gold Cup, NSW Unlimited Displacement Championship


Paynesville 2012               Loose in the Dark      1st      Paynesville Gold Cup

                       1st       Riviera Cup


St George 2012                          Loose in the Dark    1st      Champion of Champions

                                                                                        1st      Spencer Miller Unlimited Inboard Trophy  

                                                    Oxygen Thief           2nd      Champion of Champions

                                                                                        1st      Sam Brown 6ltr Disp Trophy    

                                                                                        1st      Emil Lundberg 6ltr Open

                                                                                        1st      Fred Hawkins Memorial

                                                                                        1st      Alan Boyd Memorial

                                                                                       2nd      Spencer Miller Unlimited Inboard

                                                                                       2nd      Eric Chadwick Memorial Unlimited Unrestricted

                                                                                        3rd      Barry Sharp 6ltr Open


UHPBC Spectacular 2012        Oxygen Thief         1st      Menace Cup

                                                                                     1st     Miscreant Cup

                                                                                     1st     Dargle Cup

                                                                                    2nd    Trojan Cup

                                                                                    3rd    Cross Invitational

                                                                                    3rd    King of the River

                      Cheap Trick/Bad Attitude                 1st   5 from 5 for J3     

  Eppalock 2012            Loose in the Dark            1st     Lawson Shield Australian 6ltr Hydroplane Champion

                                                                                 2nd    Hayes Wood Australian Unlimited Inboard Championship

                                                                                 2nd    Max Kirwin Australian Unlimited Hydroplane Championship

       Oxygen Thief            2nd     Jack Kavanagh 6ltr Disp

                                                                                 3rd      Eppalock Gold Cup Unlimited Unrestricted

                                                                                 3rd     Hayes Wood Australian Unlimited Inboard Championship

 Briney driving 'Lil Rapt'             4 wins and 2 seconds from 6 races

 UHPBC December Club Day       Briney in Bad Attitude / Cheap Trick       1st    J3

                                                                                                                             2nd    Formula Future Commodores Cup

                                                                                                                             2nd     2012 UHPBC J3 Pointscore


Australian J3 Formula Future Championships        Presidents Trophy winner and 4th in J3


Melton Gold 2013    Oxygen Thief   1st       Ht 3 Melton Gold Cup

                                                            2nd       Waterford Trophy / Riverside Special Australian UL AEIO Championship

                                                            2nd       Unlimited Displacement Trophy race

                                                            3rd        Melton Gold Cup Final

                                    Cheap Trick    3 wins and 3 second places from 6 races


Devonport Regatta      Oxygen Thief    1st        John Palmer Cock o Mersey

Granton Spectacular    Oxygen Thief   1st        Australian Dulux Trophy, Australian Unlimited Unblown Championship

                                                                   1st        King of the River

                                         2nd       Stannard Cup, Special Australian Unlimited Open Inboard & Outboard Championship


Taree 2013        Loose in the Dark         1st       Eastway Shield

                                                                    1st        King of the River

                            Oxygen Thief                  3rd        Trojan Cup

                                                                     3rd        Eastway Shield

                                                                     3rd         Stuart Doyle NSW Unlimited Displacement Championship

                            Cheap Trick                     Demonstration Only


Paynesville 2013    Loose in the Dark       1st          Riviera Cup, 6ltr Open

                                                                      2nd         Paynesville Gold Cup

                                 Oxygen Thief             2nd          Riviera Cup, 6ltr Open

                                                                      3rd           Paynesville Gold Cup


Pykes Reservoir         Loose in the Dark    3rd            E C Griffith Cup Australasian Unlimited Inboard

 Dargle 2013               Loose in the Dark      1st           Casenails, 6ltr Open

                                                                         2nd          John Burrows Smith Dargle Gold Cup

                                 Oxygen Thief                   1st          Commodore 6ltr Cup

                                                                          2nd          Grandfather Bertie Unlimited Disp

                                 Cheap Trick                     2nd          Overall in J3


Lockyer Powerfest            Loose in the Dark    1st        Queensland Cup Unlimited Open

                                                                                1st        6ltr Open point score

                                            Oxygen Thief             2nd       Queensland Cup Unlimited Open

                                                                                 2nd       6ltr Open point score

                                            Cheap Trick                 1st         J3 & 9 from 9


St George 2013                 Oxygen Thief          1st        Barry Sharp 6ltr Displacement

                                                                              1st        Fred Hawkins Unlimited Displacement

                                                                              1st        Alan Boyd Unlimited Displacement

                                                                              1st        Sam Brown 6ltr Displacement

                                                                             2nd        Emil Lundberg 6ltr... Open

                                                                             2nd        Spencer Miller Unlimited Inboard.

                                                                             3rd        Harold Troy Unlimited Unrestricted

                                    Loose in the Dark           1st         Emil Lundberg 6ltr... Open

                                                                              1st        Spencer Miller Unlimited Inboard.

                                                                             2nd        Harold Troy Unlimited Unrestricted


NSW J3 Formula Future Titles 2013                3rd        Cheap Trick    Briney


Cheap Trick