Oxygen Thief

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Chris Pugsley Interview

What is your boat name and how did you get the name? Oxygen Thief?

 It’s what one of my mates reckons I am, an Oxygen Thief and it seemed like the perfect name  for the boat.

What boat manufacture?

Evercraft 18’6” capsule.

What class do you run in?

6ltr Displacement.

Why do you run in the class and do you want to step up to another class one day?

We’ve got the best of both worlds we can run in our 6ltr races and then step up to Unlimited to have a crack at the blowers. Some of the closest and hardest racing I have seen over the years, I believe has come from the 6ltrs.

Name your crew?

 Team Manager and Wife Tracey, Engine Builder and Father In-Law Alan, Crew Chief and Brother In-Law Wayne, Granny ( for all the Molly with the trolley meals) and our four Daughters Sammy, Mallory, Lana and Briney who are our gophers, they are the ones that get cold and wet holding the boat and putting it in and out of the water and they are our number 1 supporters.

How many years in racing?

On and off for over 20 years.

How did you get involved in powerboat racing?

My Uncle Ray had race boats called ‘Samantha’ when I was young and that’s what ignited the passion.

What do you like about powerboat racing?

The people and the way it brings families together to go racing.

Is there anything you don’t like in powerboats?

The lack of urgency to make the sport safer.

Can you tell us a bit about the engine?

362 cubic inch, methanol, injected Chev with Racer Pro heads, Larry Martins old Kinsler Injection, dry sumped and it makes around 780 hp.

What is your favourite event and why?

Windsor, great venue and its real close to home.

What are your most memorable wins?

2009 Jack Kavanagh Memorial, 2010 & 2012 Menace Cup & The John Palmer Cock ‘O Mersey against Outlaw.

Who is your most feared competitor and why?  

Mal McColl, old school = hard as nails.

If you could have one wish, what would that wish be?

The Penrith Panthers to win another Premiership.

Who in the world would you like to meet outside of powerboat racing and why?

Mark Webber, good old Aussie boy competing at the highest level of motorsport in the world.

How can we make powerboat racing a better sport?

Safety first. Getting more drivers into capsules, they may not save everyone but you’ve got to give yourself a better chance to survive.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

(Sponsors) Dargle Turf and Soil, Rams Head Service, Flexistrut, Suckers Excavations..  

And, Our family and friends for getting behind this thing.

                     Dry sumped