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Accommodation options other than Dargle:
Book your Dargle camping by emailing Tracey

Try: Dolphin Van Hire (02)4572-7176

        Great Western Caravan Rentals (02)9627-7511

        Parravans (but you need to tow the van out your self from Windsor)


You can stay at a B&B or in a cabin.

Try: Coach House Hill B&B, it is 5 minutes away.

        Ferndale Lodge & Cabins,  it is 10 minutes away.

        Two Rivers Retreat B & B, it is 10 minutes away.

        Cliftonville Lodge & Cabins, it is 15 minutes away.

You can stay in a motel at Wisemans Ferry, Windsor or Richmond.

Try:  Wisemans Ferry Retreat at Wisemans Ferry it is 45 minutes away.

         Alexander the Great at McGraths Hill, it is 35 minutes away.

   Heritage Hotel / Motel at Wilberforce, it is 25 minutes away.

         Colonial Motel at Richmond, it is 45 minutes away.

         Gateway Motel / Hotel at Vineyard, it is 40 minutes away.

         Sebel Resort at Windsor, it is 35 minutes away.

         Hawkesbury Race Club Motel at Clarendon, it is 40 minutes away.

         Windsor Motel at Windsor, it is 30 minutes away.

         Windsor Terrace Motel at Windsor, it is 30 minutes away.

Or you can stay in caravan / cabin at another caravan park.

Try:  Avina Van Village at Vineyard, it is 40 minutes away.