Sadly Robert Smith passed away on the 5th March 2013 after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. Robert was aged 64. Robert will be sorely missed by us all but especially Kerrie, Brett & Michelle and Scott.

Phyllis Dunstan Smith our family Matriarch passed away on Wednesday 19th July 2006.

Grandma is now finally at rest with Grandpa.

Have a great time catching up with Grandpa, Aunty Elva, Uncle Bob and Aunty Nance.

The original Smith home was at Paradise Point and is still standing.

Six generations of Smiths have lived in Lower Portland originally at Paradise Point and then at Dargle. And five of those generations have lived on Dargle.

The Dargle homestead was built in 1831 by Andrew Doyle.

The third generation of Smiths were born in Hawaii, Alvin, Burrows and Chester.

The land was farmed with fruit and vegetables and still is to this day, along with cattle.

The caravan and water ski park were opened in the mid sixties, the motocross track in the seventies along with the turf farming business.

The first boat race was run in 1992 which was the combined Australian Titles.

Generation 1.

John and Charlotte


Generation 2.

Ephriam and Nellie

Generation 3.

Alvin and Helen

John and Phyl

Chester and Nance

Generation 4.

Alan and Joy

Robert and Kerrie

Narelle and Gordon

Generation 5.

Tracey and Wayne

Brett and Scott

Jay, Lee and Glen

Generation 6.

Ashlee, Mallory, Lana, Chelsy, Briney, Andrew and Mila.

And Jay, Lee and Glen’s offspring.

Generation 7, so far.

Kye who was born in 2018 to Chelsy and Matt.

Allira who was born in 2019 to Mallory and Michael.

Toby who was born in July 2020 to Mallory and Michael.

Theo who was born in November 2020 to Ash and Josh.

Arlo who was born in Dececember 2020 to Chelsy and Matt.

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