Major Races

King of the River, Unlimited Open Invitation.

Dargle Gold Cup, Unlimited Open.

Grandfather Bertie, Unlimited Displacement.

Casenails, 6 Ltr Open.

Super 6, 6ltr Displacement Series.

Queen of the Creek, Dargle Gold Cup non-qualifiers.

Hyper 5 Hydro and KT Series

John ‘Rocky’ Allen, 5.2 Ltr Open.

Chiquita Cup, 5.2 Ltr Open.

4.2 Ltr Oz Boats, Australian Titles.

Plus F2/ FSST120, 105mph (open deck only), Prostock, 1250cc, F4, 550cc/25hp and Formula Futures.

Plus the following APBA Championships;

Arch Spooner Australian Unlimited Outboard Championship  Arch Spooner Deed of Gift

Errol Jay Australian Unlimited Displacement Championship  Errol Jay Deed of Gift

Jack Howarth, NSW Unlimited Outboard Championship

Stuart Doyle, NSW Unlimited Displacement Championship

Dargle entries close Friday 31st May. (Late entry fee applicable from 1st June)

APBA Entries close Friday 24th May.

How to submit an entry.

Post a completed Entry form with your cheque to:

 DVBC, 353 River Road, Lower Portland, NSW, 2756.

Or email to: and deposit your safety levy to:

Westpac Account Name: DVBC,  BSB: 032274,  Account No: 136948.

Please leave boat name as reference, thank you.


Email the entry but Pay with cash at registration but the late safety levy fee will be applicable.

Or submit and pay online with PayPal at the Online Entry

 Safety Levy is $185 for Seniors and $30 for Formula Futures.


 If paid on or before Friday 31st May or postmarked on or before Friday 31st May.

Entries submitted after close of entry or at Registration will be $250 for Seniors and $50 for Formula Future

** By entering our race meeting you agree to abide by our Social Media Policy which is BELOW, so please read it and understand the consequences of not abiding by it, thank you.**

A reminder of the APBA CONDUCT OF MEMBERS POLICY which will be enforced by DVBC and UHPBC at Dargle.


107.01 The Association will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse of its Members or Officials.

107.02 Any Driver, Riding Crew, Boat Owner or other class of Member of The Association that is found to have verbally or physically abused another Driver, Riding Crew, Boat Owner, Official, APBA Official or member of the public at an Event or meeting of The Association or Council will be disqualified immediately from that Event or meeting and will be asked to leave the venue.

107.03 A Driver and/or Boat Owner will be deemed to be responsible for the conduct and behaviour of their Crew Members. In the event that a Crew Member is found to have verbally or physically abused a Driver, Riding Crew, Boat Owner, Official, APBA Official or member of the public at an Event and such Crew Member is not a member of The Association, the Driver and/or Boat Owner will be handed the penalty.

107.04 Such behaviour will result in the offender automatically receiving a Red Card and any further penalty associated with a Red Card.

107.05 Any Driver, Riding Crew, Boat Owner, or other class of member of the Association deemed to have committed any of the following:

▪ Acted in an unsportsmanlike manner;

▪ Acted in a manner likely to bring the sport into to disrepute;

▪ Committed a serious moral or sporting offence; or

▪ Acted in a manner unbecoming of a member and prejudicial to the interests of The Association;

will be subject to the penalties as listed in “Rule 103 – Penalties” and/or the “Rules of the Association – Subsection 6 – Termination of Membership.

Furthermore, the DVBC and the UHPBC will not tolerate any abuse either face to face or via social media of any volunteer, official, competitor or spectator. Any person found to be abusive or bringing the sport and or clubs conducting the event into disrepute, will be asked to leave the venue immediatley if they are present and or blocked from our social media platforms and they will also be refused entry for any future events and if the abuser is a competitor then their entry for next years event will be refused.

If you have an issue sort it out through the appropriate channels because this is our sport so let’s help it grow, not drag it down!


NO ALCOHOL & NO GLASS is to be brought into the venue during event hours. It is a licensed event AND Prizemoney is subsidised by bar sales. Please support those who put the show on the water.

Program and times subject to Change at the discretion of the Race Committee

Thursday 6th June

Park opens for camping and not prior.

Kiosk open.

Pits open for set up, allocated pit spots.

No transporters or caravans on the river side of the pit area.

Friday 7th June

Scrutineering from Midday.

Bar and food available from 2pm

Saturday 8th June

Scrutineering from 6.30am to 9am

Breath Testing: 7.00am to 8.30am

Drivers Briefing: 8.15am

Pits Close: 8.00am

On Water: 8.30am

Sunday 9th June

Scrutineering by request

Breath Testing: 7.00am to 8.30am

Pits Close: 8.00am

Drivers Briefing: 8.15am  

On Water: 8.30am

Accommodation options:

You can camp at Dargle on an un-powered site and competitors can camp in the pits on un-powered sites with their boats as long as you camp on the perimeter fence.

To book your campsite, ring Tracey (02)4579-1291 or email


Gate Admission - Adults $20 Sat, $25 Sun, $40 -  2 day pass

Students to age 16 $10 Sat. $15 Sun, $20 -  2 day pass.

Under 10’s No charge

You can ring a caravan hire place & they will bring a van out & put it on-site for the weekend & take it away when you have finished with it. Make sure you book a site with Tracey to put the hire van on.

Try: Great Escape Caravan Hire call (02) 4776 2309

        Bush Palace Caravan Hire bookings are only available via their website

You can stay at a B&B or in a cabin.

Coach House Hill B&B (02) 4579-0983 it is 5 minutes away.

Ferndale Lodge & Cabins (02) 4575-5223 it is 10 minutes away.

Cliftonville Lodge & Cabins (02) 4575-5220 it is 15 minutes away.

You can stay in a motel at Wisemans Ferry, Windsor or Richmond.

Wisemans Ferry Retreat (02) 4566-4422 at Wisemans Ferry, it is 45 minutes away.

Alexander the Great Motel (02) 4577-5555 at McGraths Hill, it is 35 minutes away.

Heritage Hotel / Motel (02) 4575-1603 at Wilberforce, it is 25 minutes away.

Colonial Motel at Richmond (02)4578-1166, it is 45 minutes away.

Gateway Motel / Hotel at Vineyard, (02) 9627-6022 it is 40 minutes away.

Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley at Windsor, (02)4577-4222 it is 35 minutes away.

Hawkesbury Race Club Motel at Clarendon (02) 4560-4300 it is 40 minutes away.

Windsor Motel at Windsor (02) 4577-3626 it is 30 minutes away.

Windsor Terrace Motel at Windsor (02) 4577-5999 it is 30 minutes away.

Or you can stay in caravan / cabin at another caravan park.

Try: Avina Van Village at Vineyard (02) 9627-1847 it is 40 minutes away.

Thanks for stopping by the DVBC Winter Spectacular Page, hopefully that means you are either coming to race or coming to watch some of the best boats and teams in action, either way, thank you for your support because without volunteers to run the meeting, without competitors to put a show on the water, without the support of great people and great companies and without our loyal and hardy band of people coming to watch, we don't have an event, so thank you, you are all appreciated!

Competitor Info in PDF (all the info that is below).

DVBC Entry Form in PDF to print and email or post.

DVBC Fillable PDF to email if you are tech savy.

 Any issues with any of the forms or you need further information please contact Tracey on 02-45791291 or email Tracey.

APBA Entry Form for Arch Spooner and Jack Howarth to email or post.

APBA Entry Form for Errol Jay and Stuart Doyle to email or post.

Email to NSW APBA Sectretary by the 24th May

Or post to NSW APBA Secretary, PO Box PO Box 443, Chester Hill NSW 2162


If you are only racing in the DVBC races (non APBA Championships) then you don’t need to submit an APBA entry, just fill in the DVBC online or PDF form and submit it.

But if you are racing in the Arch Spooner, Errol Jay, Jack Howarth or the Stuart Doyle then you need to submit an APBA Entry to the NSW Council by the 24th May on the above APBA form and also submit a DVBC Online or PDF form.


Dargle Accomodation Options in PDF (all the info that is below)


Gate Admission - Adults $20 Sat, $25 Sun, $40 -  2 day pass

Students to age 16 $10 Sat. $15 Sun, $20 -  2 day pass.

Under 10’s No charge


You must be ready to pay before pressing Submit Entry.

No Payment - No Entry - No Exceptions

If submitted online by Friday evening 31st May.

Seniors Safety Levy - $185                                    Formula Futures Safety Levy - $30

Entries submitted after Friday evening or from the 1st June or at Registration will be $250 for Seniors and $50 for Formula Future.

Last online entry is Wednesday 5th June.

**If your class doesn't have 4 bona fide entries / boats by Friday evening 31st May then your class isn't in the race program!

We will do our best to cater for the classes that want to race and we appreciate your support but Due to time restraints this may not be possible. **

Drivers can you do the DVBC, your supporters, your sponsors and the sport a favour by filling in this online Drivers Profile Form as well as the entry form.

People want to know, people are interested and it gives our magnificent commentary team something else to talk about.   Thank you.

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