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The Oxygen Thief and Dargle families are sad to say that Uncle Ray / Ray Wilson passed away on Sunday morning 21st January. Uncle Ray meant the world to our families and we will miss him dearly. Thank you for all your love, passion, support, advice and the many many years of wonderful memories.

We would like to pass on our deepest Sympathies and all our love to Ellisha, Marko, Thomas  Patrick and Lesley.


Easter Beach deposits due by Sunday 18th March!

* 3 months payable up front, $47 per week.

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Trent Duvall Photos

Queen B - Formula 4 tunnel boat.
- Australian F4 Champion 2017 and winner of 4 of the 5 rounds.
- Built by Kanguha / designed by Molgaard (Gen I).
- On registered road trailer.
- Regularly serviced and lovingly maintained.
- Well cared for and always spoken nicely to and never been drowned or crashed.
- With a stock propeller. (Dewalt props that were made to suit this boat for both long track and short track available, POA )
- F4 is a low maintenance class, On race day, put fuel in it, a whole 10 ltrs and none of that messy oil stuff, choose your prop (mind you Ive run the same one all year), clean your screen and race and then every six months get the engine serviced and change your gear box oil, how easy is that!
$24,000 ono. Phone 02-45791291  more information.



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Excellent photos by Vittorio Ubertone & Simon Palfrader & Arek Rejs.