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                Alison Hibberd for the photos

The Shananigans Team raced in Adelaide on the weekend of the 18th / 19th November and were proud winners of the 2017 Trojan Series, winners of the the Adelaide round of the Trojan Series, 2nd place in the Marj Watson Australasian Unlimited Displacement Championship and a 3rd in the Dorwin Gold Cup Unlimited Open go the 6 litres 😊.
*Thank you ASBC for your hospitality and the tireless and often thankless but much appreciated efforts. *Thank you to the Trojan Crew for your passion and dedication so we get to do what we love. *Thank you congratulations to each and every other 6 litre team we raced against, it's the best class and it's a privilege to be sharing the water with you.*

But the biggest thank you to Tim and Stacey and their fun, passionate, supportive crew of CT, Browny, Pauly, Zach and Brett. Love going racing with you, it's a privilege and an honour, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you Sir Al for your passion and never-ending support and advice, we wouldn't be in this position if it wasn't for you, thank you !! *Mallory and Briney thank you both so much for looking after Pugs on and off the water, you are gems and we need you every time we go racing and we appreciate everything you do.The next time the team goes racing will be at Melton in February 2018. Stay up to date with all the news by liking the Oxygen Thief Facebook page.


Trent Duvall Photos

Queen B - Formula 4 tunnel boat.
- Australian F4 Champion 2017 and winner of 4 of the 5 rounds.
- Built by Kanguha / designed by Molgaard (Gen I).
- On registered road trailer.
- Regularly serviced and lovingly maintained.
- Well cared for and always spoken nicely to and never been drowned or crashed.
- With a stock propeller. (Dewalt props that were made to suit this boat for both long track and short track available, POA )
- F4 is a low maintenance class, On race day, put fuel in it, a whole 10 ltrs and none of that messy oil stuff, choose your prop (mind you Ive run the same one all year), clean your screen and race and then every six months get the engine serviced and change your gear box oil, how easy is that!
$24,000 ono. Phone 02-45791291  more information.



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Excellent photos by Vittorio Ubertone & Simon Palfrader & Arek Rejs.