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                      Family of Aussie Champs                                                        Our DVBC Formula Future Competitors

       Thanks Alison Hibberd for the photos

1st -  Andrew Smith DVBC


                                                                                                                                             Matt Hamilton photo


             2016, Australian Unlimited Displacement, Errol Jay Winners.
             2016, NSW Unlimited Displacement, Stuart Doyle Winners.
             2016, Grandfather Bertie Unlimited Displacement Winners.
             2016, Casenails 6ltr Open Winners.
             2016, Trojan Cup series, round 2 Winners.

             The team has had an unbelievable weekend at our home track taking a handful of silverware home              with the boat. The team are absolutely blown away with the results we were able to achieve over the             weekend. The #61 'Shananigans' silver Evercraft put on a very impressive show over the Dargle              weekend. Thank you to Tim and Stacey Shannon and the rest of the Canberra 'Shananigans' team for             the opportunity to be a part of the team and steer one hell of a boat.



Due to circumstances out of my control it is with great regret to announce, that Briney and the BRP Team will NO longer be racing for Team Sweden in the F1H20 Eurofin Cup.

We would like to thank Jonas Andersson and Team Sweden for the opportunity and the chance for myself to be able to live my dream and have the chance of representing my country and fly the flag for Australia.

We, would like to thank anyone and everyone who has followed me on my journey, and who have helped fund in anyway shape or form. It has been very much appreciated and will certainly be remembered. Thank you.

I would never have achieved or had the opportunity I have, without the help, guidance, support, mentoring and belief in myself and ability from my A Team of, Rhys Coles, Chris Pugsley, Paul Doggy Kirkby, Toddy Leary (Crew Chief), Simon Troy, Titty and all the love and support from my Grandparents, Granny and Poppy and my amazing mother who has supported me since day one with no doubts. Without the help, motivation, guidance I would never have dreamed of making it to where I am or succeed to where I have.

As they say, one door closes, two doors open. I am not giving up and we are still open to any opportunity to further my racing career.
Thank you,
Briney xoxo

Excellent photos by Vittorio Ubertone & Simon Palfrader & Arek Rejs.

Check out their FB pages for more great photos.To see more photos head to Briney’s racing page.

13 September 2016 was the last time this page was updated

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