09 April 2024 was the last time this page was updated

  "Ohana" means family

and nobody gets left behind!

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On Friday 10th November at 10.35pm Wayne lost his courageous 14 month battle with Pancreatic cancer.

His memory and legacy will live on through all the lives he touched and guided.

Fly High Brother Dear, you will never, ever be forgotten!


Take Care, Stay Safe on the roads and on the water!!!

Latest Ski Park News:

The Dargle Riverside Seafood Cafe & Pizza Bar is temporarily closed.

Normal Trading hours when it re-opens are;

Thursday’s - 4pm to 8pm

Friday’s - 2pm to 8pm

Saturday’s - 11am to 8pm

Sunday’s - 12pm to 4pm

For bookings phone 0456267029 Thursday to Sunday.



Ski beaches are closed this weekend because of the flood damage, we’ll reassess next week.

Beach &Cabin Bookings for the remainder of the 23/24 Ski season ARE NOW AVAILABLE!

* 3 months payable up front, $50 per week.

Latest Power Boat Racing News:

  2023-2024 APBA Rule Book V23-1.2

Updated December 2023

Team Dargle News:

      After a hit from Impulse in a heat of the Jack Kavanagh Dave from Connelly       Craft Boats and Craig Stauner and his Avago team repaired the damaged       fibreglass which allowed us to get back on the water and we owe them a       huge debt of gratitude!